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Our jewellery collection Recycle is one of our heart projects. The jewellery is made from recycled materials, and is a part of a women's projects in India.

The workshop where the jewellery is manufactured, is situated in the middle of a residential area in a suburb of New Delhi, India. The women live nearby and if they want it is possible for them to bring all the materials home that are needed in order to make the designs. They can work at their own pace, and then return the products when they are ready - this is an extremely beneficial way for a woman to be able to work.

The women are often bound to their homes, and the work of the child care and cooking, limiting them to take a job outside the home. In many cases, women have not had the opportunity to study and do not have permission to get a job. It's all too often they have other problems in their vicinity , as living in poor housing conditions and/or substance abuse. To be able to spend only a few hours a day and earn a good salary from home can be a huge amount of support for them and their families financially. Some even choose to work on-site at the workshop, to be able to get a chance to socialize with other women outside of their homes.

These things will create opportunities for a better quality of life. The organization also helps the children of the families that get access to school. The organization is built on trust, warmth, and love, and all of the women are always welcomed with open arms, regardless of past experience.

We've heard a lot of sunshine stories from our supplier in India, we want to share this one with you.

Our partner is writing like this,

Suman has been working with us since 4 years. She has 3 daughters, the oldest being 7 years , the middle being 5 years and the youngest being 3 years. Her husband is a vegetable vendor and makes a daily wages of about 200-300 RS (25-35 svenska kronor).

She has been beading with us and with the money she makes she is able to help with the house rent and other parts of her familie's needs and will be able to give a proper diet for her kids. Earlier she was completely dependent on her husband for everything.

However she is now paying the education fee for her daughter for which she get support from her work. She is very happy to work with us and we hope for her better future.

The Recycle jewellery is made entirely out of recycled fabric, so we are also helping the planet by reusing what we already have.

The Recycle collection consists of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, key chains and rings, which are manufactured in recycled material with details in brass and all work is made by hand. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, if you would like to be a part of this heart-project♥



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