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          1 The item does not look like it did on the website
          2 I ordered my product in two different designs.
          3 Delivery was too late.
          4 The item was of poor quality
          5 The item didn't suit me.
          6 I got the wrong item.
          7 The package was damaged when I got it.
Do you need to return an item? Fill out this form, print it out and send it with your goods when you send them to us. 
1. Fill in your order details and select a return reason as above.
2. Select a mode of delivery. See Changes and complaints on
3. Please send this form in the package when you return your goods.
4. Save your shipping receipts to your order has been fixed. A return can take up to 14 days for us to manage.
5. Do you have any questions about your return email us at

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